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EV battery testing equipment

  • EV battery testing equipment
  • EV battery testing equipment
  • EV battery testing equipment
Model No.︰BTS
Brand Name︰Neware
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

8 Channels Battery Testing Equipment

BTS-             Specification

Input power:AC 110V/22OV/380V  ±10% 50Hz/60Hz            
Accuracy: ±0.05% of range(Full-scale) + 0.05% of RD                                    
Stability : ± 0.05% of range(Full-scale)  + 0.05% of RD                                     
Record Frequency : 10Hz                                                                                        
Hardware response time : current(10%~90%) response time less than 10ms    
Support modes : charge( CCC,CVC,CC&CVC,CPC,Pulse)                           
Support modes : discharge( CCD,CPD,CRD,Pluse)                                                                                                                                                                                  
Testing objects: EV battery,storage energy battery,super capacitor       
Performance testing: power,energy,capacity,over-charging,over-discharging 
Grading function:  test and estimate the consistency of battery quality              
Cycle life test: for cell and module                                                                                       
Set rate test: can set charge and discharge rate for rate test                                     
Pulse test: pulse, HPPC                                                                                                               
Paralleling mode: parallel 4 channels(max)                                                                      
Multi range: channel current can have 4 measuring ranges 


Various products for diffirent test need:

Cell test: BTS-5V1mA/5V10mA/5V50mA/5V100mA/5V500mA/5V1A/5V3A

Mobile phone battery test: BTS-5V3A/5V6A/5V10A/5V20A

Lithium Battery Formation SystemsBTS-5V3A(8CH)

Laptop battery test:BTS-20V6A /20v3A

Car battery test:EVTS-550V300A/300V200A;500V300A;600V400A;800V600A



1.Channels: Eight independent programmable channels.Each channel can set different working modes and works independently.

2.Programs: The software (TC5.4) with calibration software can set various working modes for measuring capacity and cycle life of all types of rechargeable battery cells.

3.Working modes: Include constant current discharge, constant current charge, constant voltage charge, rest, as well as voltage, current, time, capability, negative voltage slope, and other limit conditions.The calibration software can easily calibrate the analyzer and revise the case number.

4.Easy to use software:With real-time monitoring windows and integrated graph/data windows, the testing process can be observed more directly and 

efficiently. During the test, the software will give timely instructions and warnings, provide intelligent help both in English and Chinese.

5.Protection and auto-recover:

If power failure occurs during testing, the system will shutdown running channels and, once power recovers, will automatically resume those stopped channels and ensure that the test is normally conducted and the date will never lose any cases.


If you are interested in battery test equipment, pls contact us !

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