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8 Channel Battery tester (0.1-10mA, up to 5V) with Laptop & Software for Researc

Battery testing system
  • Battery testing system
  • Battery Test Equipment
  • Battery cycler
Model No.︰CT-4008-5V100A
Brand Name︰NEWARE
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
  BTS-5V100A Battery Testing System
Model: BTS- 5 V 100 A Material Code:  CT-4008 -5V100A - NTA - P
Description Product Specification
AC Input  AC 380V ±10% / 50Hz 
Power  7467  W
Resolution AD: 16bit;  DA: 16bit
Impedence Input ≥1MΩ
Voltage Measuring Range Charge: 25mV~5V Dischrge: 25mV~5V
 Discharge Min Voltage 2.5V
Accuracy ± 0.1%  of  FS
Stability ± 0.1%  of  FS
Current Range Charge: 500mA~100A                  Discharge: 500mA~100A
Accuracy ± 0.1%  of  FS
Stability ± 0.1%  of  FS
Power   Output Power Per Channel  500W
Stability ±0.2%  of  FS 
Time Rise Time 20ms (10%FS~90%FS)
 Step Time ≤ (365*24) hours/step Time Format 00:00:00:000 ( h:min:s:ms )
Aux Channel Aux Input  Temperature
Temperature ﹣25℃~110℃
Temperature Accuracy  ±2℃
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
Voltage Range  
Voltage Accuracy  
Data Accquisition Intervals Time Interval Δt:  (100ms~60000s)
Voltage Interval ΔU: (10mV~5V)
Current Interval ΔI: (200mA~100A)
Frequency 10Hz
Charge  Modes of Operation CCC, CVC, CC & CVC, CPC
End Conditions Main Channel: Voltage,  Current,  Test Time,  Capacity
Aux: Temperature
Discharge  Modes of Operation CCD, CPD, CRD
End Conditions Main Channel: Voltage, Current, Test Time, Capacity
Aux Channel: Temperature
Pulse Charge CCC
Discharge CCD
Minimum Pulse Width 500ms
Automated Switch Automated switch from charge to discharge for each pulse
End Condition Voltage, Test Time
Cycle Cycles Max 65535
Steps  254
Nested Fuction Max three levels of loops
Protective Function Software  ● Power-off data protection
● Off-line Operating
● Main Channels:  user-defined safety(upper and lower)tolerance of current, voltage and delay time
●Aux Channels: User-defined safety (upper and lower) tolerance of temperature
Hardware Reverse-connecting protection 
Channel Features Independent pairs of closed loops for constant current source and constant voltage source
Channels Independent Control
Detection and Sampling  4-wire Connecting
Noise Density <85dB
 Data Management  MYSQL Database
Communication Means TCP/IP Protocol 
Export Formats EXCEL2003、2010,TXT,Graph
Communication Interface Ethernet Port
Number of  Channels Per Cabinet 8
Assignable Aux Temperature Per Channel Max 248
Operating  Environment
Description Product Specification
Operating Temperature  0℃~40℃
Storage Temperature   -10℃~50℃ 
Operating Humidity ≤70% RH
Storage Humidity ≤80% RH
Description Product Specification
Battery Holder Universal Holder
Holder  Picture
Universal Holder Alligator Holder Polymer Holder Wiring Terminal
Picture for reference,  please confirm the actual product
Dimensions (W*D*H)(mm) 3U(164),480*330*130
Equipment Picture  
Picture for reference,  please confirm the actual product
Payment Terms︰TT
Product Image

Battery testing system
Battery testing system

Battery Test Equipment
Battery Test Equipment

Battery cycler
Battery cycler

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